108 rue Vieille du Temple
Paris, 75 003


+33 1 85 09 43 21


About the Gallery
Over two years ago, Victoire de Pourtalès and Hélène Nguyen-Ban founded VNH Gallery taking over Yvon Lambert’s historical space in Paris. The space was transformed in order to reflect their ambition of presenting exhibitions featuring a vibrant selection of artists in dialogue across generations and geographical spheres. In fact, each project presented by the gallery has its focus set on offering the possibility to the artists of expressing themselves in the most creative way, allowing them to defy and break unspoken boundaries in the way of showing and presenting contemporary art.  Indeed, the scope of VNH Gallery’s programme includes solo and collective exhibitions of artists selected for their incisive exploration of contemporary issues and themes. Each exhibition is usually accompanied by striking side-projects supporting the main theme or intent behind each proposition, intertwining all forms and mediums of artistic creation.