2A rue de l'Abbaye
Bruxelles, 1000


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About the Gallery
In 2008, Olivier Meessen and Jan De Clercq created a new platform for contemporary art in Brussels. Spread over three floors of a house built in 1911, the gallery presents solo and curated group shows, creating catalogues in close collaboration with the artists involved. In 2018 Meessen De Clercq celebrates its 10th anniversary with the launch of a new project, named Chinese Whispers, as well as a group exhibition, ‘The Unending Gift’. For Chinese Whispers, ten international artists have been invited, each in turn, to occupy the space of the gallery's Wunderkammer. Each artist will base his or her specific proposal on the one of the preceding artist, thus creating a story spread in time. The Unending Gift is inspired by the eponymous poem of Jorge Luis Borges, which evokes the endless possibilities created by the absence of creation, and brings together works of gallery artists as well as others such as Francis Alÿs, Martin Boyce, Joan Miró, Bruce Nauman, Thomas Schütte, Remy Zaugg and more.