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Downtown Dealers Talks

In case you missed it, we are pleased to share the recordings from Downtown Dealers, a talk series in which New York art dealers from multiple generations discuss their approaches and experiences with Elizabeth Dee, founder and CEO of Independent Art Fairs. Organized by Bill Cournoyer at Tara Downs gallery, the second conversation took place on November 15 with artist Alan Belcher, co-founder of the first iteration of Gallery Nature Morte (1982-88), James Fuentes, and Wendy Olsoff of P·P·O·W.


Downtown Dealers at Tara Downs Nov 15 from Tara Downs on Vimeo.

Downtown Dealers, the first in a series of talks with New York art dealers, brings together dealers, Jay Gorney (Jay Gorney Modern Art), Nicole Klagsbrun (Cable Gallery & Nicole Klagsbrun) Jordan Barse (Theta) and Tara Downs (Tara Downs) from multiple generations discussing their experiences with Elizabeth Dee, CEO of Independent Art Fairs.