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Crozier Joins Independent as Supporting Partner of the 2020 Edition

Installation view of Independent Art Fair, 2019, photo: Eteinne Frossard.


February 24, 2020—Independent Art Fair and Crozier are pleased to announce a partnership in support of the 2020 edition, uniting for an unprecedented initiative to foster investment in creative art communities. The sponsorship will be inaugurated with a spotlight focus on the artists and galleries of Los Angeles, who are presenting extraordinary exhibitions for Independent. Crozier is offering ecologically-minded shipping and storage subsidies for the presentations from this key location. 

In addition to providing support for the LA galleries and artists for the 2020 edition, Crozier will partner with Independent on its 2020 sustainability initiative. Together, we will offer the Independent community newly developed shipping services through consolidation and collaboration to help the art world begin to ship differently. Both organizations will facilitate new resources for galleries regarding conscious shipping methods in Los Angeles and other Independent hub cities, collaborating with galleries to support their financial and artistic goals. A planned discussion ‘The Future of Sustainability in the Art World’, supported by Crozier and featuring several key voices, will be produced as a podcast and syndicated to narrate some future facing solutions to this shared agenda.

In addition to a Los Angeles spotlight for 2020, the two organizations will develop an idea lab and related programs for innovations for galleries and collectors alike throughout the spring season. The organizations will share insights from invited experts on relevant topics, discuss tools and methodologies, explore sustainable materials and bring together points of view on ways to incorporate new models of sustained engagement. This knowledge will be shared with the larger art industry throughout the 2020 calendar year via an informational and interactive campaign. 

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Independent. Crozier is at the forefront of industry developments to raise standards and innovate in art handling, storage and transportation. Looking to 2020 and beyond, we are committed to exploring and incorporating new methods, materials and practices that uphold those standards and reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. Our partnership with Independent marks a vital step toward this imperative, one that concurrently advances our decades-long artist-centric mission,” says Tom Hale, Crozier Senior Vice President and General Manager, North America.

“I’m deeply honored to unite with Crozier as a supporting partner for Independent in a way that will benefit the art community as a whole and explore new models of business with Los Angeles and beyond. Together we can focus on some of the creative industry’s biggest challenges and opportunities. The reality is that New York is the market center, but creative innovation is increasingly found outside the city, which is a creative and financial consideration as well as an environmental one. Crozier has selected one of Independent’s main city hubs to assist at a critical moment, to unite with their sponsorship of these projects is something that speaks to our long term support of sustainable business methods,” says Elizabeth Dee, Founder and CEO of Independent Art Fair. 

About Crozier
Crozier is the world’s leading provider of fine art storage, services and logistics. With 1.3 million square feet of dedicated storage space across 19 locations in 10 global markets and a fleet of more than 80 specialized vehicles, Crozier serves the art world ecosystem through a strategic network that spans North America and Europe. Crozier offers unparalleled technical expertise in the handling, installation, transportation and storing of art. Our mission is to preserve culture and innovate best practices. We protect the value and integrity of treasured assets to ensure art that matters today is here for generations to come.

About Independent Art Fair
Independent was established in 2010, with the aim to inspire relevant art encounters for a well-informed and devoted Contemporary Art audience. Since its inception, Independent Art Fair has created an internationally-recognized platform for galleries, that prioritizes discovery and originality, in contrast to the growing ossification of the art fair. Due to Independent’s unique model, our informed audience is tailored to connoisseur based collectors and institutions. Independent Art Fair brings together over 60 international galleries and non-profit organizations, every March in New York, with consistently fresh and unexpected content for each edition. By supporting a focused range of established, innovative and emerging as well as outsider art and design, we aim to present a true reflection of the fabric of the global art community. 

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