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38 Riding House Street
London, UK

15 Bermondsey Square
London, UK

Vogesenplatz 15
Basel, Switzerland

+44 (0) 20 3904 3109

About the Gallery
VITRINE is focused on artistic experimentation and emerging interdisciplinary practices. The gallery was founded in 2012, from a project space, in Bermondsey, London. In 2016, a second space in Basel opened, followed by a digital space in 2020, and a third space in London’s Fitzrovia in Spring 2022. Over this decade, we have established a reputation as a selector and nurturer of new talent, supporting artists’ careers and the development of their ideas.

About the presentation
VITRINE will present works by the UK-based artist Rudy Loewe, who visualizes Black histories and social politics through painting, drawing, textiles, and sculpture. Their practice explores what has become truth in the collective memory whilst envisaging alternate futures that center Black queer and trans experiences. A key interest in Loewe’s work is Caribbean folklore figures such as Anansi, a part-spider, part-man character derived from West Africa’s Akan mythology. The artist’s presentation at Independent will reimagine Anansi, who is commonly associated with knowledge and trickery, as a gender-nonconforming shapeshifter.