Galerie Rivoli, espace C24
690 Chaussée de Waterloo
Bruxelles, 1050


+ 32 486 94 30 04

About the Gallery
Plagiarama is looking towards north, south, east, west.

Plagiarama thinks that going one mile east is the same as going one mile west.
Plagiarama is now a Brussels contemporary art space whose specific project is to be run by artists, focusing on issues about curatorial practices-that is creating relationships among art works, and concentrating on the prospects for creation, experimentation, participation and production of specific artworks.

Directed by Yuna Mathieu-Chovet, Plagiarama constitutes itself as a not-for-profit association in 2014. Plagiarama's aim is to encourage, develop and deepen new prospects and issues of contemporary art creation. This art space is to be a center of diffusion, presentation, and will support emerging or established artists, whatever their exploration field is.

Plagiarama is at the same time a diffusion platform, an exhibition space, a place for meetings and exchanges. Its mission is to promote interactions and exchanges at a European level. You will discover exhibitions in all artistic areas: sculpture, painting, installation, performance, photography...

Plagiarama offers perspectives around 360 degrees.


Exhibition "Unheimlich", Plagiarama, 2014

Yuna Mathieu-Chovet, 2014
photographic print mounted on wood, acryl paint

Light Sculptures, 2011-2015
Virginie Gouband
series of 5 Ektachromes, glass, wooden shelf
20,3x25,4cm each Ektachrome

Untitled (In situ), 2015
Samuel Coisne
broken glass
variable dimensions

Landscape sculpture, 2012-2015
Samuel Coisne
cut wood

Exhibition "Perceptive", Plagiarama, 2015

Video sculpture, Philippines, 2015
Emmanuel Van der Auwera
écran LCD

Exhibition "Réception", Plagiarama, 2017

Transhumance, 2016
Sybille Deligne
acier, cire d’abeille, bois
120x120 cm

Exhibition "Form ignores function", Plagiarama, 2017

The Perfect Crisp Shop, 2017
Lisa Egio
carton, paquets de chips,
enseigne lumineuse LED
dimensions variables
(display de Lisa Egio et Elliot Kervyn) 

Chiraliet I, 2016 
Elleke Frijters
Plastic, steel, paint, metalic paint 
60x60x210 cm

Exhibition "Distradition", Plagiarama, 2017

Inside the city, 2017
Samuel Coisne
Blanc de Meudon
All over on the windows

Nieuwbouw-bâtiment-bauhaus, 2017
Kasper De Vos
builders trestles, beverage pallet, laminated fiberboard, bricks, timber, bubble skylight
130x130x160 cm