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73 Leonard Street
New York, NY 10013

+1 212 219 9918

Presentation Details
Kerry Schuss Gallery will present the new paintings by New York artist Julian Kent. A self-taught artist in his early twenties, Kent makes imagined portraits of people caught in the complexities of everyday realities within the scope of the black experience.  Kent sees his work as "sociological studies of human emotions." Inspired by the visceral qualities of Chaim Soutine's paintings, Kent creates his images with rows of strokes of thickly applied oil paint forming a dimensional presence. This presentation marks Kerry Schuss's 10th participation in the Independent. 

About the Gallery
Kerry Schuss Gallery opened at its present location on Leonard Street in Tribeca in 1998. Over the years the gallery has developed a unique and idiosyncratic program showing a wide range of artists and sensibilities. This multi-generational diverse group of artists, including both trained and self-taught, range in age from Alice Mackler (b.1931) and Robert Moskowitz (b.1935) to the youngest artist, Julian Kent in his early 20's. The gallery specializes in introducing new work, or previously unseen historic work in thoughtfully installed exhibitions.


Julian Kent, untitled, 2023. Courtesy of Kerry Schuss Gallery.

Julian Kent, untitled, 2023. Courtesy of Kerry Schuss Gallery.