140 Bloemstraat
Amsterdam, 1016


+31 20 423 3046


About the Gallery
Since its start in 1988, Fons Welters established itself nationally and internationally with its particular focus on installation art and sculptural approaches. An expanded exhibition program was initiated in 2000 when the Playstation program started in the front space of the gallery, which is now just called Front space. Mostly consisting of solo’s by young artist the Front space program introduced the works of among others Folkert de Jong, Renzo Martens, Nathaniel Mellors, Magali Reus, Amalia Pica and Melanie Bonajo. Throughout the years, the gallery has worked with different generations of artists, such as Aernout Mik (1992), Matthew Monahan (1998), Thomas Houseago (2000), Gabriel Lester (2000), Shana Moulton (2007) and more recently with David Jablonowski (2012) Olga Balema (2013), Evelyn Taocheng Wang (2015), always by starting to work with each one of them in an early and precious moment of their careers.