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7 Seilerstätte
Vienna, 1010 


+43 151 20 840

About the Gallery
Founded in 1977, Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman represent some of the most important, internationally renowned contemporary artists from Austria, such as Thomas Feuerstein, Bruno Gironcoli, Hermann Nitsch, Walter Pichler, Arnulf Rainer and Franz West. The profile of the gallery is complemented by significant international positions, always taken in a cultural context, such as John M Armleder, Günther Förg, Jürgen Klauke, Jannis Kounellis and Tal R. The younger generation of artists is represented by Herbert Brandl, Carmen Brucic, Maria Brunner, Michael Kienzer, Johannes Wohnseifer and Otto Zitko.


Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman
Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman