5130 West Edgewood Place
Los Angeles, CA 90019

+1 323 935 3030

About the Gallery
David Kordansky Gallery was established in 2003, originally in Los Angeles' Chinatown district. From its inception, the gallery's aim has been to discover and to engage with the diverse group of artists living and working in Los Angeles and beyond. Kordansky emphasizes the idea that a gallery is not merely a showcase for individual artists, but a space to encourage and explore the dialogue between them. The gallery’s program is based around the idea of creating conversations between artists and artworks, bringing together work in all media by artists both emerging and established, including Rashid Johnson, Sam Gilliam, Jonas Wood, Tala Madani, Matthew Brannon, and Jennifer Guidi.  

The gallery represents and exhibits artists from across the world, exploring the dynamic cross-pollination of ideas  taking place between Los Angeles and other global centers. However, its ethos has remained distinctly Californian in its openness to experimentation. In September 2014, the gallery moved to its current location, a 20,000-square-foot space in Mid-City, allowing for an expanded program of ambitious solo, group, and historical exhibitions.


Ruby Neri, David Kordansky Gallery, Independent New York, 2018, Installation view, Photography: Isabel Asha Penzlien, Courtesy of David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Evan Holloway
Exhibition View David Kordansky Gallery, Independent New York 2016.
Courtesy of Independent New York
Photographer: Etienne Frossard

Andrea Büttner

Exhibition View David Kordansky Gallery, Independent, New York, 2015.

Courtesy of Independent, New York.

Photographer: Etienne Frossard