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205 Royal College Street
London, UK

+ 44 (0) 207 209 9110

About the Gallery
Since it’s initial founding in 2011 as an artist-led project space and adjacent studios, Cob has committed itself to embolden and nurture multidisciplinary UK emerging talent. Cob gallery began representing artists and attending international art fairs in 2016 continuing its dedication to young or mid career artists and has since built a reputation as an early selector and nurturer of new artistic talent. Cob’s core programming centres around a roster of UK-based artists whilst simultaneously inviting international practitioners to exhibit in London, often as their UK debut. Cob further supports artists with off-site projects and installations as well as editions and publications. In 2022, the gallery launched The Cob Award, an on site residency programme offered to two artists annually to develop their artistic practice and realise ambitious projects