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468 Grand Avenue #1D / #3D
Brooklyn, NY

+1 347 916 0833

About the Gallery
Blank Forms is a nonprofit organization supporting emerging and historically significant artists who produce work across disciplines, often rooted in traditions of experimental and creative music. We aim to establish new frameworks to preserve, nurture, and present these artists’ work and to build platforms for practices underrepresented in art’s commercial, institutional, and historical fields. Blank Forms collaborates with artists on commissions, exhibitions, publications as well as archival and estate projects within contemporary cultural ecosystems and in perpetuity. In presenting and documenting this work, Blank Forms seeks to foster an artistic community founded upon engaged and equitable conversations across continents, media, and generations.

About the presentation
The Brooklyn-based nonprofit curatorial platform Blank Forms will present a selection of works by artists whose multifaceted practices straddle ephemeral, non-traditional forms and intricate, craft-like objects. In the last decade, Candace Hill-Montgomery has largely worked with weavings made on homemade looms, often augmenting fabrics including sheep’s wool, mohair, linen, and paper yarn with found objects. Her layered pieces burst at the seams with color and movement, mirroring her iterative and free-associative poetry practice. Tori Kudo is a cult icon of Japanese underground music, a skilled pianist and self-taught guitarist best known for his unconstrained experiments with improvisation, naive music, and natural error. Kudo studied design and pottery in London in the late 1990s, and has produced ceramics for the past two decades. Áine O’Dwyer’s art education and study of instrumental performance intermingle with interests in folklore, choreography, and ritual to inform her open-ended musical ethos. Less well known are her Surrealist drawings and paintings, redolent of Hans Bellmer and Leonara Carrington, which recently made their gallery debut at Blank Forms.


Áine O'Dwyer, Red Figure, Reclining, 2022, photography by Marissa Alpert, courtesy Blank Forms.

Áine O'Dwyer, Red Figure, Reclining, 2022, photography by Marissa Alpert, courtesy Blank Forms.