32 Rue Louise Weiss
75013 Paris

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About the Gallery
Air de Paris was founded in Nice in 1990 by Florence Bonnefous and Edouard Merino, who met as students in the curatorial program at École du Magasin in Grenoble. The gallery relocated to Paris in 1994 and moved to its current space on rue Louise Weiss in 1997. The name Air de Paris was adopted as a tribute to Marcel Duchamp's readymade 50cc of Paris Air, reflecting the ethos of the gallery's program and the artists with whom it works.

The gallery opened in the summer of 1990 with the now-legendary exhibition Les Ateliers du Paradise, subtitled "a film in real time," for which the artists Philippe Perrin, Pierre Joseph, and Philippe Parreno occupied the gallery for the entire month of August, transforming it into a photogenic living space and a site for spontaneous events, actions, and interactions. Air de Paris currently represents both emerging and established artists, including Philippe Parreno, Liam Gillick, Trisha Donnelly, Sarah Morris, Carsten Höller, Eliza Douglas, Aaron Flint Jamison, and Adriana Lara, as well as the estates of historically important artists such as Guy de Cointet and Channa Horwitz.


Exhibition view of Air de Paris at Independent New York, 2018. 
Coutesy of Independent. Photo: Etienne Frossard. 

Courtesy of Air de Paris

Courtesy of Air de Paris

Courtesy of Air de Paris

Exhibition View Air de Paris, Independent Brussels 2017
Courtesy of Independent, Photo: Isabelle Arthuis