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Palazzo Santacroce
Via degli Specchi, 20
00186 Roma, Italia

+39 0697613696

About the Presentation
1/9unosunove’s solo presentation of Sergio Lombardo will focus on the early series Gesti Tipici (Typical Gestures) from the 1960s. Born and based in Rome, Lombardo (b. 1939) was a central figure in the Pop-inclined group of artists known as the Piazza del Popolo school, alongside Mimmo Rotella, Jannis Kounellis, and Mario Schifano. In Gesti Tipici, Lombardo reproduced black silhouettes on a white background of political leaders of the era including John F. Kennedy, Nikita Khrushchev, and Charles De Gaulle. The enamel paintings were deliberately unrefined, a riposte to the academicism of the art establishment. Far from glorifying power, Lombardo’s intent was to reduce these figures to mere shadows, frozen in stereotypical poses of authority. The images were directly drawn from newspapers that Lombardo projected onto canvas, mimicking the flattening effect of the mass media. 

About the Gallery
1/9unosunove arte contemporanea gallery opened in November 2005 and is located within the grounds of the prestigious historical Palazzo Santacroce. This elegant building has been constructed by architect Carlo Maderno in the XVI century in the centre of Rome, between Campo de’ Fiori and the archaeological site of Largo di Torre Argentina. The gallery’s 180 m2 has two exhibition spaces and a room dedicated to the reception and consultation. 1/9unosunove gallery is committed to representing and promoting both established and emerging international artists working in multiple mediums (painting, photography, sculpture and installation). The gallery consistently exhibits a high standard of contemporary art, organizes offsite projects, contributes artist's works to museums and institutions for exhibitions and educational purposes and participates in art fairs in Italy and abroad.