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For Independent 2012, gb agency’s submission will be unfolded around Black Mail, a 1976 installation by Mac Adams (1943, UK), establishing correspondences with works from Ryan Gander (1976, UK) and Mark Geffriaud (1977, FR).

Same as for Black Mail, Mac Adams created “environments” setting up three-dimensional scenarios that were the sets for incidents—often violent—that might have taken place. By the same time, his installations turned into pictures, meticulously staged photographs. The process is cinematographic as much as photographic. The audience’s view is guided and a near theatrical synopsis is created that puts as much information as possible into the image. Mac Adams is the director of “actors” and a set that he brings together for the moment when the picture is taken. Diptychs or a broken mirror effect are techniques he uses to demonstrate the passage of time: before and after. The witness is creator, and the viewer can only interpret what he sees in contradictory ways.

The viewer becomes the new witness, lost in the multitude of elements that are both connected and distinct. As the viewer becomes an intimate of the story, he is witness and voyeur, spectator and participant. Mac Adams attacks the power of the picture and the manipulations of the picture-maker. He exposes the way meaning is distorted and controlled. What seems clear from the portrayal of a given reality is never the reality itself. It is the viewer who recreates the crime -if ever there was one.

In his work An idea articulated, 2011, Ryan Gander investigates the mechanics of form and visual language of the writing of a concept : into a single frame , four sheets of paper depict chronogically from left to right the articulation of an idea, disrobing the poetic mystery and romanticism of artistic production.
From the deconstruction of an idea to the disruption of a narration, Mark Geffriaud’s work Les renseignements généraux (série b), 2007 is a series of seven photographs of a same imaginery book of his own : on double-page spreads, almost blank, a few images whithout any captions are illustrations of lacking comments or evidences for a story to come.

These three artists, by playing with notions of incomplete narrations and fragmented signs are talking about what might have happened or what could be, offering the viewer starting points and clues for possible stories.

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